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Doc's Fortress of Solitude

Doc Savage in: “A Dangerous Game” By Mace Draper Chapter I: “I am home” In New York City there are a number of skyscrapers that have 85 stories or more, but none quite like the man of bronze’s building. It not only has a windswept design of its very top three stories; but it also has three unique stories below the surface of this bustling metropolis. The first basement is paid parking for employees of the various businesses that are within the skyscraper. The other two basements are exclusively for those people that are employed in the man of bronzes’ organization, named appropriately “Clark Savage Industries”. It is in the first basement early one morning that a very sleek black sports car enters squealing its tires, parking at the nearest open spot; near an elevator leading up into the stories above. The driver’s door quickly opens and a tall woman with long flowing red hair exits the vehicle. Immediately one would notice if you were close enough; that her clothing and hairstyle spoke money. Upon catching sight of the elevator, the shapely redhead dashes for the elevator as if the devil was right behind her. When the doors closed she breathed a sigh of relief and pushed a button for the 85th floor. Nothing happened. She stared at the lighted button and pushed it again. Again there was no movement to give any indication that it even worked at all. Now she was panicking and pushed the button many times before she happening to notice a speaker above the button column. She sighed and even laughed in relief as she pushed the speaker button. After a moment, a woman’s voice spoke in a pleasant tone. “Hello. This is Clark Savage Industries. Nancy Mayfair speaking, can I help you?” The red headed woman breathed in and out once. She then spoke in as calm voice as she could muster,” I am a woman in trouble and I need to speak to Clark Savage immediately. I am sure he will be very interested once we meet.” The woman named Nancy answers with a hint of humor in her tone,” Do you know how many times I have heard that story before? Many times, just to flirt or…” The woman now desperate, interrupts Nancy,” I guarranty, when he gets a look at me; he will be interested, but not like your thinking bitch.” Page 2 "Ok, ok. What’s this about and then we’ll see.” The redhead whispers a sentence into the speaker and after there was a long silence. Finally, Nancy whistles a long whistle in obvious amazement, and replied,” Sister, that is either the story of the year or the most original lie I have ever heard. Ok, you can come up but keep your hands out of your pockets. There is a miniature camera in the elevator and I can see your every movement.” “Remember, if this is a hoax I will personally throw you out of the top story. Understand?” “Yeah, let’s hurry please!” After a few seconds, the elevator jumped upwards at a tremendous pace and the woman in it almost fell to the floor. “Sorry, you did seem in a hurry.” There was a glare at the camera by the redheaded as she struggled to keep to her feet. “You and I are going to have a talk”. Nancy asked,” Yeah? What will we talk about, the weather?” The red head heard a nasty chuckle from the speaker. She remained quiet the rest of the ride fuming at this insolence.
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